Ever wondered what the rescuing of Bryggen really consisted in? Find out more!

J. Rytter and I. Schonhowd, Monitoring, Mitigation, Management. The Groundwater Project – Safeguarding the World Heritage Site of Bryggen in Bergen, Riksantikvaren 2015.

It is now 60 years since the 1955 fire in Bryggen paradoxically opened the way to breakthrough archaeological excavations and to the acknowledgment of Bryggen’s historical and cultural unique value. Not only have the excavations in Bryggen enabled a renewed research on medieval Bergen, but they have also raised awareness about the value of the cultural deposits beneath Bryggen. This newly published book by Jens Rytter and Iver Schonhowd, from the Directorate for Cultural Heritage in Norway, tackles the different issues these cultural deposits have been facing during the last decades, as well as the different technical solutions which have been invented and implemented at the Word Heritage Site in order to preserve both the organic archaeological deposits and the extant buildings. Both have been threatened by subsidence in groundwater level, and innovative solutions have been created in order to put an end to this damaging process. This book therefore not only gives a thorough and up-to-date insight into the management of Bryggen, but also proposes a set of solutions which are intended to serve as a model for other heritage sites facing similar issues. For this purpose, numerous experts from diverse fields, ranging from archaeology to environmental biology, and from history to hydrogeology, have worked together to share their knowledge, just as they have been working together at the Bryggen site.